June 2020

Stories from Israel: Virtual Screenings and Live Discussion Part Two: 

Part 2 of Virtual Screenings + Live Discussion series, cosponsored with the Bender JCCGW, was an online screening from June 3-7 of 3 student films from the Ma’aleh School of Film & Television in Jerusalem 


Following these 3 very distinct short films, each with its own unique insight and artistic approach, we had an enlightening online discussion with the director of Ma'aleh, Neta Ariel.   We look forward to bringing you the next round of Israeli student films and discussions with filmmakers and composers soon! Check back here for updates.

May 2020

The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance presents
Rick Baitz's Master Class on "Composing for the Screen." 

Though we  can’t be in Jerusalem for composer Rick Baitz's master class as we had originally planned, we are thrilled that he will still teach an abbreviated version online to the students at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance on May 7.

Check back here where we will post clips as soon as it becomes available.

May 2020

A Unique Virtual Experience

The backStorygroup normally takes professionals, film students, and music students on cultural trips to Israel where American film students can share and engage with Israeli film students. Since we can’t currently take such a trip, we thought it would be a good time to bring Israeli student films to you. We were delighted to partner with the Bender JCC of Greater Washington to share some of that with you via the limited American screenings of two Israeli films: Reflections, written and directed by Yael Bibelnik, with score by Sapir Matityahu, and Upper Lip, written and directed by Shiri Cohen.

We hope those of you who watched the films enjoyed them, and that those of you who joined the discussion with the young Israeli filmmakers and composer--and our special guests, composer George S. Clinton and Producer David Gale--found their insights into filmmaking and film scoring interesting. We certainly did, and look forward to bringing you more programming in the near future

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