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Back Room Project Featured 

Our Back Room project, launched in the 2020-21 academic year, pairing students in the film department at the University of Georgia's Grady College with Masters in Composition students at the Jerusalem Academy of Music & Dance, has been a grand success, resulting in original, spot-on scores for these excellent capstone films, along with meaningful (albeit virtual) working relationships across 7 time zones! We're delighted to share with you the trailers for 3 participating films (and as soon as the festival season is over and we have the go ahead, we'll post the films in their entirety). In the meantime, enjoy trailers for 3 of these films: Breach by Nalani Dowling, with music by Hadassa Daniels; Stay, by Elias Saliba, with music by Zohar Elnatan; and Little Drummer Boy, by Sheldyn (Sam) Moore, with music by Tom Zylberstein. 


More Featured 

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Musical Magic in the Movies With Frank Ilfman

Watch this insightful conversation with prolific composer Frank Ilfman, whose extraordinary talent for understanding the nuances of music's role in film – and whose eclectic musical path – has led him to a versatile career in film scoring and to critical acclaim for his scores across genres.

Cross-Cultural Creative Collaboration: A Conversation with Student Filmmakers and Composers in the US and Israel

Watch our July 27 conversation on Creative Cross-Cultural Collaboration with 3 sets of student filmmakers and composers in the US and Israel! Paired through our Back Room Project, these emerging filmmakers from the University of Georgia's Grady College and composition students from the Jerusalem Academy of Music & Dance, have been collaborating for several months on original scores for their films. We were super-fortunate to have a special guest, Composer George S. Clinton, who has scored over 100 films and has won multiple awards to share his expertise with the students! Learn More Here.

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The Making of in Search of Israeli Cuisine 

Take a look at the story behind The Making of In Search of Israeli Cuisine when its award-winning director Roger Sherman, gave us the backstory behind the making of this entertaining and enlightening documentary.

The Making of in Search of Israeli Cuisine 
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Why Do Films Need Music?

Watch an illuminating discussion on the irreplaceable role of movie music with two industry gurus, composer George S. Clinton and long-time music exec Doreen Ringer Ross.

Made in Jerusalem: Film & Television + Animation

An insider's look into film and television Made in Jerusalem with Yoram Honig, founder & director of the Jerusalem Film & Television Fund, Gidi Dar, writer & Director of Legend of Destruction, and composer Yonatan Albalak, who co-wrote the score with Assaf Talmudi.

Jerusalem Academy of Music & Dance

Here's a peek into the collaboration between The Jerusalem Academy Of Music And Dance and University of Georgia's Grady College in Athens, GA.

Adventure Narrative 
Jaime Conlan

On her 2019 trip, Jaime Conlan experienced something she never could have imagined. See through her eyes as she combines photos and writing to document the emotions and overall experience of the backStory trip to Israel.

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A Foxes Moon

We are thrilled to share A Foxes Moon, a compelling film by Yossi Medved, the School of Audio & Visual Arts at Sapir Academic College, which was featured in our most recent On the Cusp: Part 2!  Enjoy!


We were delighted to partner with the Bender JCC of Greater Washington to host an online screening Israeli student films. It was the North American premiere of one of them Reflections, written and directed by Yael Bibelnik, with score by Sapir Matityahu, and you can watch it here!

Rimon School of Music
SPring 2016 video

While on their trip in Israel, the backStorygroup participants had a great time making a short documentary. The documentary gives a quick glimpse into the lives of some super talented musicians at Rimon School of Music.

Israeli Street Food
India International

During her trip with The backStorygroup, YouTuber India Persaud, created a video highlighting some of the amazing street-food she ate on her Spring 2019 trip.

round two collaboration

Composer Katy Jarzebowski of Los Angeles, who participated in the backStorygroup’s first trip, scored “Round Two”, the graduate film of Hagai Adorian from Ma’aleh School of Television. Katy and Hagai met when the backStorygroup visited Ma’aleh and ended up with this wonderful collaboration.

first Trip to Israel 
Summer 2015 video

On our first trip to Israel, we were delighted that the backStorygroup participants created a video that follows our journey through the country. It introduces a group of highly creative people, content producers, and composers.

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