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Passionate About Inspiring Others

The backStorygroup is a nonprofit dedicated to educating American students and content producers and film music composers about Israel and to building relationships between Israeli and American storytellers and composers.

We introduce students and professionals to their industry peers and to potential stories and innovators in areas such as science, high-tech, medicine, fashion, music. While our professional participants lead master classes and panels for Israeli students and others, our student participants learn, create and experience Israel through in-depth exposure to their student peers.  We arrange substantive, hands-on interaction between our participants and Israelis, in the hopes of not only expanding our participants’ worldviews, but also of creating meaningful collaboration between peers.

We’re dedicated to expanding the perception of Israel to include its vibrant reality and its diverse people. Israelis are achieving remarkable things in science & technology, medicine, music, fashion, archaeology, ecology, and many more areas, and as a result, there’s a lot to be shared between US students and professionals and their Israeli contemporaries.

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Support Our Efforts

The backStorygroup is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, which means your tax-deductible support helps us continue to do what we do. Every dollar you donate goes towards our programming, allowing us to create opportunities for American and Israeli film and music students and professionals to connect and collaborate--And in the future, to once again take Americans in the creative arena on life-changing trips to Israel.

We’ve already begun to build amazing relationships and collaborations with our Israeli counterparts thanks to donors like you, and we hope you’ll help us continue our efforts.

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