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When Covid travel restrictions grounded us last year, we turned to the virtual world, launching online screenings of Israeli and American student films and hosting a super-successful online masterclass on film scoring with The Jerusalem Academy of music and Dance (JAMD). This led us to a eureka moment: How great would it be to pair American film students with Israeli music composition students to create original scores for their senior capstone films! Thus was born The Back Room, a joint initiative with JAMD: Last November, The Back Room kicked off its first virtual meeting between film students at the University of Georgia's Grady College of Entertainment and Media Studies and students in the Masters of Composition program chaired by Amit Weiner at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. Since this introductory meeting, we've been delighted to host 4 master classes with Peter Golub, Jeff Beal, Mitchell Cannold, and Emilio Schenker. 

Check out this sneak peek into all the work The Jerusalem Academy Of Music And Dance has done with the University of Georgia's Grady College students so far!

On April 12, composer Peter Golub, whose career travels between theatre, concert and film music (including The Laramie Project, Songs My Brothers Taught Me and Frozen River and, with James Newton Howard, The Great Debaters) gave a presentation on music and film from the composer's perspective.

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Peter Golub

On November 4, producer Mitchell Cannold (whose credits include Dirty Dancing; Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey; Marvin Hamlisch: What He Did For Love) gave an online lecture to the group on the importance of music in film, from the point of view of the producer.

Mitchell Cannold

On November 11, we switched that perspective with our special guest Jeff Beal,  5-time Emmy Award winning composer (whose credits include House of Cards, Blackfish, HBO's Monk and many more), gave a class in music in film and other visual media from the point of view of the composer.

Jeff Beal

On November 18, director and producer Emilio Schenker, gave an online lecture to the group on the importance of music in film, from the point of view of both a director and a producer.


Emilio Schenker

Although these are master classes for the film and music students at Grady College and The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, we welcome a limited audience. 

If you're interested in joining the class as an observer, please email

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