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Stories from israel: a virtual screening + live discussion

A Unique Virtual Experience

Though we all must continue to navigate the new normal of social distancing and its discomforts, we may still take solace in some truths... There will still be music to listen to. There will still be art to enjoy, to create ourselves. There will still be films to see. And we're here to share some of that with you for the limited American screenings of a couple of Israeli films.

The backStorygroup normally takes professionals, film students, and music students on cultural trips to Israel where American film students can share and engage with Israeli film students. Since we can’t currently do such a trip, we thought it would be a good time to bring Israeli student films to you.


We invite you to join us for a special, entirely FREE virtual film screening of Israeli student short films, followed by a discussion, complete with live Q&A sessions with the filmmakers and composers. Even though we may miss travel, movie theaters, concerts, and all other social engagements, we never have to stop exploring. It’s for this reason that The backStorygroup has  partnered with the Bender Jewish Community Center of Greater Rockville to bring you this free cultural event.


It is our hope that these films can transport all of us out of our quarantined homes and into the daily lives of people around the world with the U.S. premiere of two Israeli films.  


Grab your popcorn and travel with us for a unique virtual experience in which you can interact personally with the filmmakers. The "Stories from Israel" screening will have three possible date options depending on if you'd like to participate/observe the live Q&A, see below for details.

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Who can join?

Anyone is welcome! Previously, we've found these Israeli student films to be of particular interest to film students, professionals, and film score composers, due to the rich cultural background and foundation of the films, but the films' intended audience is much broader. We welcome you to share in this event with us from your corner of the world. 

Film Clapboard

May 13 + May 14,

7-11 p.m. EST:

Film screening NO DISCUSSION

(actual film lineup only 45 minutes but available during this 4-hour time frame)

May 17, 1:30-3:30 p.m. Film Screening WITH Live Q&A

  • 1:30 p.m. EST Upper Lip film screening

  • 1:45p.m. Reflections film screening

  • 2:15 p.m. Discussion start time

Bullet Journal

Please send an email to wendyrevel@backstory to reserve your spot with the subject "Israeli Film Event" so that we may share the special password to access the videos, which will only be posted online for the times listed above. When it's time, click the link and enjoy the show!

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