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The backStoryGroup



We’re a nonprofit organization with a strong belief in the cultural and creative importance of Israel. Our mission is to help bring perceptions of Israel more in line with its dynamic reality, through the engagement of students and professionals in the cultural and entertainment arenas.


To us, the best way to spread this belief is by building relationships between creatives around the globe who can help produce and share the rich stories of Israel and its people.

what we do

The backStorygroup brings media producers, screenwriters, film music composers, and other creators to Israel with the intention of building collaborative efforts with their Israeli counterparts.


Each trip is different--tailored to each group-- but features the same core goals: to forge bonds between talented American and Israeli individuals, and to allow American students and professionals to better understand the elaborate history and culture of Israel, in the hopes that their experience will fuel inspiration for future creative projects.

How to help

We’re a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, which means your tax-deductible support helps us continue to do what we do. Every dollar you donate goes towards our programming, allowing us to create opportunities for American and Israeli film and music students and professionals to connect and collaborate – And in the future, to once again take Americans in the creative arena on life-changing trips to Israel.

However, we know not everyone is able to donate. If you’d like to support our efforts in other ways, please watch, read, or consume some of the incredible media content coming out of Israel.

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