Mitchell Cannold


Mitchell Cannold has had leadership roles at NBC News, CBS News, ABC/Group W Cable, and The Walt Disney Company. From 1992–2000, he was President of Sony Corporation’s New Business, New Media, and Media Venture Investment businesses. Mitchell founded and managed the corporation’s Internet, strategic marketing partnerships, location based entertainment center development and IMAX film production and distribution businesses for seven years.


Previously, Mitchell was a producer for NBC News on Emmy and Dupont award-winning documentaries, coverage of all the Apollo flights to the moon, national political conventions and election night coverage. Thereafter, at CBS News, he produced series with Charles Kuralt, Bill Moyers and was Senior Broadcast Producer for “The CBS Morning News”. Mitchell produced the first five IMAX 3D dramatic films, 20 feature films, including Dirty Dancing, the then most financially successful independent film. As CEO of the first ever Internet advertising firm, MaxWorldwide, he led the successful turnaround of this publicly traded firm and, with Allen and Company, sold it to IAC. 


Subsequently, as a venture partner in Global Technology Investments, Mitchell led several private equity transactions including the acquisition of Weather Central, which he sold to The Rothschild Investment Fund US, and Screenlife, a Mattel distributed, multi-branded board game and digital game company, which he sold to Paramount/Viacom.


From 2011-2015, as President of Cosmos Studios, Mitchell was an Executive Producer of “COSMOS: A SpaceTime Odyssey”, the Emmy, Dupont award-winning event series that premiered in primetime on The Fox Network, then broadcast ongoing in 180 countries. Mitchell led the pan-media extensions for the series into social media, sponsorships, digital content, publishing, and merchandise.


Most recently, in partnership with and as CEO of  WorldWide Travel Media and Peter Greenberg WorldWide, Mitchell led this global pan-media travel media company, growing its operations in radio with CBS News, publishing, revamping the internet and podcast operations, and Executive Producing major one hour documentary series including Royal Tour with prime ministers, presidents, kings of various nations for PBS. Separately, this past summer, Mitchell was an Executive Producer of Joshua Bell: At Home With Music, a one hour performance special with the internationally acclaimed violinist, also for PBS.